Semi Permanent Makeup Day with Emma Jardine

As you may know Purple Lashes is continuously seeking out new and innovative treatments/products to keep up with trends and Client demands. On Monday 25th June we will be offering appointments for Semi Permanent Makeup .

Emma Jardine is a Semi Permanent Make-up Technician and medical tattooist from Medicos, who will be preforming the treatments on the day. Emma has been specialising in this area for more than 4 years now, working in 30 clinics across Northern Ireland, London and Sussex.

The enchanced and advanced procedures will require two visits until deemed complete.( The second appointment must be taken after 4 weeks but within the first 6 months).

Introductory Offer: £150 per appointment area.

Advanced and enhancing procedures include:

Eyelash enhancement / basic eyeliner.

Lip Liner / Lip Blush.

Block Brows / Powder Brows / Hair Stimulated Brows.


Multi visits or refresher visits may be needed for:

Fashsion Colour Eyeliner / Smokey Eyeliner.

Very Dark or Thick Eyeliner.

Full Lip Colour.

Colour Perfecting Fading Make-Up.


These will be charged at an addional £150 after the second enhancement procedure.

Phone today for an appointment 028 9122 8003