Gel Nails

 We specialise in Bio Sculpture Gel Polish – the original soak-off colour gel nail   system which has been leading nail care since 1988. It was the first gel nail system that lasts up to 3 weeks and soaks off easily without damaging the natural nail.

 It was created as “the perfect professional product” and is tried, tested and proven as the only 5 Star safety rated system.

Bio Sculpture Nail Extension       £40

Bio Sculpture Overlays                  £25

Bio Sculpture Infills                       £29.75

**Nail Art Included**


Cuccio Gel Polish                       £15

Cuccio Gel Polish Toes              £22.50

Removal                                       £5

File & Polish                                £10

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Extensions (French)                   £30

Add Colour                                                £5

Acrylic Overlays                                      £25

Acrylic Infills                                           £29.75