Clean 9 Detox

Have you heard of the Forever Nutri-Lean Programme?

This is a two step process, combining a 9-day nutritional cleansing plan followed by a long-term weight loss plan. This is designed to take the guesswork out of a lifetime of healthy eating and diet control. The Forever Nutri-Lean Programme will help you achieve a comprehensive knowledge of how to live your life free of yo-yo dieting, unhealthy eating and other nutitritional and fitness misconceptions.

Step 1 – Clean 9 Detox

The Clean 9 Nutritional Cleansing program is an excellent weight-loss system. Not only does it give you all the nutritional products you need, it also provides you with a comprehensive guide to complete the 9 day detox successfully and during this process, it helps burn off excess fat both safely and effectively.. This includes meal planner, exercise plan, detailed description and schedule, chart for statistics and a place to journal your experiences – all you need to help kickstart a new way to manage your weight and your health putting you on a path to a cleaner, healthier, happier you whilst cleansing your body of unnatural chemicals.

The Clean 9 programme contains:


1. A Guide of how to do it

2. A tape measure and progress booklet 

3. A shaker/bottle for making the shakes

4. Three bottles of Aloe Vera Gel – contains essential amino acids. Aloe vera gel has the ability to gently break down, loosen and assist in the natural dispersal of residues that are built up in the digestive tract. Aloe vera is naturally detoxifying and helps the bowel regulation abilities, also it may help with increased protein absorption and decrease unfriendly bowel bacteria and yeast.

  • Cleanses the digestive system
  • Improves absorption of nutrients
  • Helps metabolic disorders
  • Fabulous health tonic

5. One Tin of Vanilla Lite Ultra - These shakes come in vanilla and chocolate. They are nutritional shakes, a key ingredient in making this cleanse a success. Much of the leading health and dietary research has supported that a protein and low-carb diet can build and create a lean and healthy body. Forever Lite is an effective meal-replacement shake that provides the perfect balance of protein and carbs — and tastes great!

  • Taken twice a day with skimmed milk will give you 100% of the UK’s recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals.
  • Meal replacement.
  • Contains 18 amino acids including 8 essential which the body cannot produce – these are metabolised straight into lean muscle tissue.
  • Two servings provide good daily intake of soluble and insoluble fibre needed to regulate the release of nutrients into the blood stream and to help maintain bulk and good intestinal regularity.
  • Fructose is used as a natural fruit sugar to assist in normalising blood sugar levels.
  • It decreases that hungry feeling by lowering hunger levels.

If you are looking to gain weight then using this shake as a meal addition instead of a replacement can help!

6. Garcinia plus supplement – This contains a number of ingredients that can aid in natural weight loss. One of its primary ingredients is Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), which is derived from the rind of the Garcinia cambogia fruit. HCA has demonstrated its ability to reduce the conversion of carbohydrates into stored fats, in many laboratory tests. This means the body may burn existing fat stores more easily. Garcinia has also been shown to suppress the appetite naturally. Its is good to know that Garcinia is safe as it has been used for centuries as a culinary and herbal ingredient.

  • Works on existing fats by inhibiting the enzymes which convert calories into fats,
  • Makes us feel full quicker,
  • Contains Chromium which builds muscle, balances our blood sugar levels and lowers, the production of cholesterol and fatty acids,
  • Contains healthy fats which burn the bad fats,
  • Boost metabolic rate .

7. Bee pollen supplement
– is one of the most complete foods available, making it an obvious choice for Clean 9. Bee pollen contains B-complex vitamins as well as Vitamin C. This supports the colon, which absorbs the B-vitamins from healthy intestinal bacteria. Bee pollen also contains lecithin, which aids in fat metabolism.

  • Multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplement,
  • Complete amino acid profile,
  • Its naturally high in zinc which is an anti-oxidant,
  • Energy booster,
  • Aids digestion,
  • Helps if tired or hungry,
  • Contains Lesothin which is key for weight loss.

So how does it work?

Day’s 1 and 2
Take our natural nutritional supplements, which are vital to your body, combined with taking aloe vera gel and a lovely vanilla or chocolate shake and drink lots of water. You will be surprised at actually how easy these two day are to do!

Days 3-9
You incorporate a 600 calorie meal ( which is quite a lot actually) at either lunch or dinner time, in addition to the supplements and shakes. This will leave you feeling very satisfied with no craving feelings.

Due to the high levels of nutrition your body is getting, it doesn’t go into starvation mode, which means when you start eating 3 meals a day again, you body doesn’t claw out of it all that it can, including the bad fats, which is why people yo-yo diet!

Two essential elements for doing well on the Clean 9 are that you must drink LOTS of water – at least 2 litres a day – and if possible do some gentle exercise such as walking. However we have had many people loose significant amounts of weight on the program who, due to physical injury, have not been able to exercise at all.

The Clean 9 offers a truly fantastic way to kick start your weight loss journey.

Step 2 – Forever Nutri-Lean

This is the perfect transition from our popular Clean 9, which was your ‘quick start’ programme to weight management. The Forever Nutri-Lean Pack is the next step that will guide you down the path to weight maintenance and fitness habits that will last for the rest of your life.

Remember, there is no ‘quick fix’ to a lifetime of weight management, which is why  the Forever Nutri-Lean Programme will assist you. In fact the most fundamental purpose of this programme is to show you that you CAN control your weight…by simply cutting back and understanding portion control and moderation. We will teach you how to learn the difference between good and bad fats, help you make friends with your metabolism and most importantly learn to listen to your body.

This easy-to-follow programme is designed to help you lose weight both gradually and healthily. Follow this eating plan until you have reached your desired weight.

The programme is based on a 1,500-calorie eating plan. Because individual calorific needs vary, you should first calculate your BMR (basal metabolic rate). You can then adjust the plan to suit you as needed.

Your BMR relates to the rate at which your body utilises and burns calories. This indicates the minimum number of calories your body needs each day in order to properly function while you rest (such as heart beat, breathing, blood flow).The only way to lose weight is to burn MORE calories than the amount you consume. Once you understand your body’s metabolic rate, you will be one step closer to achieving your own weight goal.

As you start to lose weight, recalculate your BMR after every 2kg lost, and adjust your daily calories.

The Forever Nutri-Lean eating plan is designed around several ‘mini-meals’ to be eaten throughout the day; it is recommended that you try to eat every 3 hours.

Eating ‘little and often’ helps over time to reduce the size of portion your body expects, helps you feel full quicker and keeps your energy levels stable throughout the day. For more information about Nutri-Lean please contact the Clinic.

Available in store the Clean 9 Kit (step 1 ) is £119.20.