August Offer!


This months offer is all about feeling pampered!

Our promise, you will begin your relaxation with a soothing foot soak, followed by a foot exfoliation and massage to melt away any tension between those toes.. Next is the 30 minute rub down of your back to loosen and stretch those shoulder muscles that cause headaches.. When that is finished you turn over onto your back and the heat from the blanket makes you feel nice and cosy while you enjoy the fragrant smells from the 30 minute facial. This is when you receive yet more massage. By now you will be in dreamland, your skin will be squeaky clean and feel as soft as a babies bum with just enough time at the end to tidy your eyebrows.

The result is you leave you feeling fluffy with a great nights sleep ahead! All of this for £40 and you have 3 months to use it. Maybe a good idea when the children go back to school!

To book an appointment please ring 028 9122 8003 x